How to close Maker positions

Follow the instructions below to close a Maker position and withdraw your stablecoins using the Bumper dApp.
NB: all BUMP tokens, protected assets and Bumpered assets must be in the same wallet for you to close/claim.

1. Open the Bumper dApp and connect your wallet

Open the Bumper dApp by navigating to or by clicking the button in the Bumper website navigation bar.
In order to use the Bumper dApp, you need to have your wallet connected.

2. Navigate to the Earn tab

Click on the Earn tab to begin.
Next, scroll to the relevant stablecoin (e.g. USDC) and click the View button.

3. Scroll down to your open positions

Scroll down until you see your currently open positions. Click on each one to expand and see the details of each position.
Locate the open position you wish to close.

4. Close your position

Once you have located the relevant position, click the Withdraw button.
You can click the Show Details dropdown icon to see more summary information about this position.

5. Review and confirm Claim

You will now be presented with a confirmation screen which shows the total amount you are withdrawing (including your yield), your bond and any bond incentives which you may have earned additionally.
You can also chose whether to withdraw your bond back to your wallet, or leave it in the BUMP Bond pool so it can be used for bonds when opening positions in the future.
Make sure you tick the checkbox to acknowledge the terms and conditions, then click Confirm to continue.

6. Confirm wallet transactions

Now you need to confirm the transactions in your connected wallet.
There are two steps, firstly a signature request (which should require no gas fee to be paid) and secondly the actual transaction itself (which does require a gas fee to be paid).
Once you have confirmed these in your wallet, the protection position will be closed. Your stablecoin tokens will be sent to your wallet, and your Bumpered asset will be returned to the Bumper protocol.

7. View withdrawal summary

Once your transactions have been confirmed, you will see a summary your withdrawal.