How to View Open Taker Positions

You can review your open Taker positions, and switch Auto-renew on and off at any time.

1. With your wallet connected, navigate to the Protect tab on the Bumper dApp.

2. Click View button

Scroll down to the protection area, and click the View button on the relevant cryptocurrency.

3. View open Taker position information

Your current positions will now be shown.
In the main box for each position, you can see the amount of crypto protected, its current position above or below the floor and the remaining time before the position closes.
Here you can also toggle Auto-renew on or off.

4. View more details

If you wish to see more information about a position, click the corresponding link below labelled Show Details.
The position expands to show more detailed policy information. In the upper section, you will see the current, deposit and protection prices, the amount protected and deposited.
In the lower section, you will see the protected floor, protection term, fee rate and accumulated fees, and the amount of BUMP tokens bonded. You will also see any BUMP incentives you will receive at the end of your policy.
You can minimise this information by clicking the Hide Details link.